Dark Apparel

About us



Come on, really? Enough about us. We’re more interested in who you are.

DARK is a clothing brand. Simple. You, however… You are one of many positively complex individuals nestled among this wonderful world in which we dwell. You like being active. You enjoy the social side of life. You take the occasional risk. You venture beyond the norm...


Often, the tricky bit is finding your balance between those elements. And that’s where we come in. DARK is a social movement aiming to showcase everyday clothing with everyday people.

We’re not reinventing the wheel. We don’t even have a funky, newfangled niche. Or perhaps our niche is indeed the notion of not having a niche. Food for thought.

So, go on. Go find your balance. Then share your story with us.

#DarkApparel #FindYourBalance